2014 Ninja Warrior: Epic Battle Between Dan Hoangbeski and Philip Phu Hoang Goes Down to the Final Paper Football Kick

By ESPN.com news anchor Dan Patrick


MILPITAS – The indoor event started with the Airplane Distance event. Using their engineering and design talents, the contestants built their own paper airplanes. Philip Phu Hoang and Dan Hoang-Gabenski finished 1-2. The prettiest airplane award goes to Susan Delly Hoang, but her crappy plane couldn’t fly far.

In the Teddy Bear Field Goal event, Anthony Cuy Hoang and Peter Phi Hoang were expected to easily beat the rest of the field. Yet surprisingly, Yvonne Hoang and Hiep Hoang Pham came out on top with kicks reaching the top of the stairs!

Winnie Hoang-Kwan continued her consistent scoring. Never ranking in first place in any event, but always in contention.

Anthony Cuy Hoang showed off his impressive strength in his index finger by winning the Paper Football Kicking event. This should be come as a surprise since Anthony Cuy Hoang can lift 5 luggages all at once! But the story of the day has to be the last paper kick by Dan Hoang-Golembeski. He needed to best Anthony Cuy Hoang in the event to tie for first place overall. But in his final kick, his paper football fell just inches short. Thus, allowing Philip Phu Hoang to win the inaugural event outright.

LeHai Hoang and Y Hoang had a tough time judging the audition tapes. For some odd reason, they deducted points from Anthony Cuy Hoang’s audition tape. There is speculation that bribing was involved in the judging. After all, this is part of Vietnamese culture.

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