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Which Hoang Has The Best Football Arm?

The first event of the 2016 Hoang Ninja Warrior was the football accuracy event. All the Hoangs can throw the football really well. Dan Hoangbeski showed off his arm strength by breaking Cuy’s target netting. The female Hoangs scored really high poi

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2015 Hoang Ninja Warriors final standings

Final Standings – Hoang Ninja Warrior Ninja Name Quicksand Football Ladder Ball Frisbee Obstacle Course Airplane Teddy Bear Kick Football Finger Flick TOTAL Philip Phu Hoang 10 8 5 9 (46.5s) 10 5 8 57 Dan Hoang-Gombenski 8 4 9 8 (50.4s) 9 6 9 56 Ant

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