2016 Hoang Ninja Warriors Championships – Nick

Nick won the 2016 Hoang Ninja Warrior tournament.   Despite not coming in 1st place in any events, Nick placed high in all the events.  This is Phuong’s first championship.

Phu will be the commissioner for the 2017/18 tournament.

Ian won the Cookie Face challenge.  The goal of this event is to eat a cookie placed on the forehead without using hands.

Frisbee Toss – The pair of Frisbee players to catch the longest pass without dropping the frisbee are declared the winners.


Home Run Derby – each player is giving 10 hits to hit the foam balls as far as possible. Winner is the player with the most points scored on the distances of each hit.

Obstacle Course – each ninja is individually timed on an obstacle course. The ninja with the fastest time is declared the winner.


Melissa ran around the Lazer Tag arena like a maniac. Firing her lasers constantly and hitting her targets, she dominated the event. Melissa took 1st place by a wide margin. Nick came in 2nd place and little Ian took 4th place.

Cuy, who was never any good at Halo, predictably ended in last place.






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