2014 Ninja Warrior: Susan Delly Hoang Takes Early Lead in Outdoor Event, but Falls as Philip Phu Hoang Gains Top Spot After Obstacle Course

By ESPN.com news anchor Stuart Scott

MILPITAS – Susan Delly Hoang surprised everyone with her perfect score on the ladder ball. After three events, Susan Delly Hoang lead all contenders. Her ranking would have been higher had it not been for an errant pass by Anthony Hoang in the Quicksand Football event. However, Phu Philip Hoang’s 2nd best time in the obstacle course catapulted him to the top rank in the outdoor events.

Imported athlete and Vietnam National Team member, Hiep Hoang Pham, surprised everyone with this football throwing skills in the Quicksand Football event. It was his first time throwing a football. Hiep Hoang Pham and Philip Phu Hoang won the Quicksand Football event.

In the Frisbee event, Nicholas Hoang and Sharon Luong Hoang showed why the North Carolina area is a hotbed for Ultimate talent. Nicholas Hoang had the best time of 7 seconds.

Peter Phi Hoang used his christmas gift to his advantage as he finished 2nd place in Ladder ball.

First round draft pick Ian Hoang was impressive in the demonstration event, the 40-yard dash. In heats against Y Hoang, Anthony Hoang, Nicholas Hoang and Philip Hoang, he finished the final heat in 1st place. The rookie ran the 40-yard dash in 10.45 seconds. His time is comparable to the runningbacks in the NFL combine.


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