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Which Hoang Has The Best Football Arm?

The first event of the 2016 Hoang Ninja Warrior was the football accuracy event. All the Hoangs can throw the football really well. Dan Hoangbeski showed off his arm strength by breaking Cuy’s target netting. The female Hoangs scored really high poi

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Final Standings for the 2015/2016 Hoang Ninja Warriors

RankNinjaFootball AccuracyFrisbee AccuracyPing Pong BasketballHungry Human HippoHockey TargetAudition Video TOTAL 1Peter Phi Hoang876672362Yvonne Hoangbeski748832323Dan Hoangbeski334882284Philip Phu Hoang185750.526.55Winnie Hoang Kwan617622246Nick Phuong

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