Discgolf: Philip and Peter Hoang tops the ranking

San Francisco – In preparation for the Hoang Ninja Warrior, the Hoangs competed in a Disc Golf tournament at Golden Gate Park with perfect weather under sunny skies and very little wind. The tournament was closely contested with all competitors within striking distance of winning. In the end, Philip Phu Hoang won the tournament. Peter Phi Hoang ended up being one stroke behind and placed 2nd. Philip Phu Hoang also performed trick shots — hitting a small sign from 20 yards away twice.


1. Phu – 41
2. Phi – 42
3. Cuy – 45
4. Ian – 50
5. Winnie – 53
6. Susan – 55

Scorekeeper: Crys

For full highlights,

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 2.56.46 AM


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